As I read along what the ‘interviewed’ had to say on the whole lot of ‘concepts’ covered, I did get, as recommended by the columnist, an impression that, he has been quite, -if not anything else,- ‘blunt’ in giving vent to his perceptions.
But the sad commentary is, - there has been a conscious  but ‘wanton’ war / fight perpetrated, and is relentlessly being perpetuated, against everyone of the ‘concepts’ anyone CAN THINK OF OR KNOW OF – i.e. humanly conceivable. As per the age-old belief, rather conviction, - ‘Change’ is the one and only concept’ that can undergo no change / or be changed. But then, the ‘crore rupee’- or ‘million dollar’ question IS - IS THAT TRUE ANY LONGER? (Though one has, to be blunt, no clue as to at what point in time in the human history that concept itself underwent a change; a dramatic/drastic or violent one at that).
On ‘superpower’ – as bad luck would have it, even the ‘dictionary’ does not seem to have been so kind as to try and persuade oneself to tune in to the same wave length as that of the interviewed.
·         In a lighter vein: I  recall, with (a strong dose of) nostalgia, what ‘Nani’ (late Palkhivala), a widely acknowledged great thinker of our times, in one of his profoundly useful messages to the nation - (refer the Book published under a very apt title – We, the Nation –THE LOST DECADES) – said to the effect*: English has not at all been kind in  spelling – ‘conGRESS’ and ‘proGRESS’ (the like sounding words).
My apology, if I have not been able to bring out the full effect of – his words - to be found out by a search in that Book.