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A full blown political war is on over the Government's decision to review ...




July 12


… and the Opposition maintained a Manmohanesque silence
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s first Budget presentation seemed a staid affair till the... »
A long standing demand of the real estate industry and a third attempt by the market regu... »
REITs and Invits are sound ideas, but it may be a while before they find full acceptance
The Finance Minister has attempted to channel funds into the infrastructure and realty sectors by... »

· Following are the highlights of the Union Budget 2014-15 presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament on July 10, 2014
· Income-tax exemption limit raised by Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakh and for senior citizens to Rs. 3 lakh
· Exemption limit for investment in financial instruments under 80C raised to Rs. 1.5 lakh from Rs. 1 lakh.
· Investment limit in PPF raised to Rs. 1.5 lakh from Rs. 1 lakh
· Deduction limit on interest on loan for self-occupied house raised to Rs. 2 lakh from Rs. 1.5 lakh.
· Committee to look into all fresh tax demands for indirect transfer of assets in wake of retrospective tax amendments of 2012
·  Fiscal deficit target retained at 4.1% of GDP for current fiscal and 3.6% in FY 16
·  Rs. 150 crore allocated for increasing safety of women in large cities
· LCD, LED TV become cheaper
· Cigarettes, pan masala, tobacco, aerated drinks become costlier
· 5 IIMs to be opened in HP, Punjab, Bihar, Odisha and Rajasthan
· 5 more IITs in Jammu, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.
· 4 more AIIMS like institutions to come up in AP, West Bengal, Vidarbha in Maharashtra and Poorvanchal in UP
· Govt proposes to launch Digital India’ programme to ensure broad band connectivity at village level
· National Rural Internet and Technology Mission for services in villages and schools, training in IT skills proposed
· Rs. 100 cr scheme to support about 600 new and existing Community Radio Stations
· Rs. 100 cr for metro projects in Lucknow and Ahmedabad
· Govt expects Rs. 9.77 lakh crore revenue crore from taxes
· Govt’s plan expenditure pegged at Rs. 5.75 lakh crore and non-Plan at Rs. 12.19 lakh crore.
·  Rs. 2,037 crore set aside for Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission called ‘Namami Gange’
·  Kisan Vikas Patra to be reintroduced, National Savings Certificate with insurance cover to be launched
· FDI limit to be hiked to 49% pc in defence, insurance
· Disinvestment target fixed at Rs. 58,425 crore
· Gross borrowings pegged at Rs. 6 lakh crore
· Contours of GST to be finalised this fiscal; Govt to look into DTC proposal.
· ‘Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya New Teachers Training Programme’ launched with initial sum of Rs. 500 crore
· Govt provides Rs. 500 crore for rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri migrants
· Set aside Rs. 11,200 crore for PSU banks capitalisation
· Govt in favour of consolidation of PSU banks
· Govt considering giving greater autonomy to PSU banks while making them accountable
·  Rs. 7,060 crore for setting up 100 Smart Cities
·  A project on the river Ganga called ‘Jal Marg Vikas’ for inland waterways between Allahabad and Haldia; Rs. 4,200 crore set aside for the purpose.
· Govt proposes Ultra Modern Super Critical Coal Based Thermal Power Technology
·  Expenditure management commission to be setup; will look into food and fertilizer subsides
·  Impasse in coal sector will be resolved; coal will be provided to power plants already commissioned or to be commissioned by March 2015
·  Long term capial gains tax for mutual funds doubled to 20%; lock-in period increased to 3 years
·  Rs. 4,000 cr set aside to increase flow of cheaper credit for affordable housing to the urban poor/EWS/LIG segment.
·  EPFO to launch the ‘Uniform Account Number’ service to facilitate portability of Provident Fund accounts
·  Mandatory wage ceiling of subscription to EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) raised from Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 15,000
·  Minimum pension increased to Rs. 1,000 per month
·  More...








 July 10

Union Budget 2014: First test of Narendra Modi's reform mettle





7 Jun 2014 ... He also told officials all government application forms should be made short and simple by doing away with unnecessary fields. “The prime ..

<>  The reactions from readers seem to be more or less the same in substance. One wonders whether it is possible or conceivable to expect a different reaction from anyone either active in someway in partaking, or wishing to do in all sincerity, in the desired most laudable exercise/arduous mammoth task  of 'nation building'?!
In own perspective, a daring novel step, hopefully in the 'right' direction, despite all known or unknown odds working against any such basically ideological, nay rational disposition evinced by the newly installed government, which has laid emphasis on more 'governance' than 'government'; so long as that means 'good governance' being the longstanding aspiration of the people (or the populace !), with 'transparency' and 'accountability' being the two essential criteria.
Now that the government has daringly gone ahead with the rational step founded on good faith and the utmost trust, it is for the people who owe it to the nation to reciprocate and do their bit for the common good.
As Lord Keynes is, in his rich wisdom and sublime vision, quoted to have said: "Men will do the rational thing..but only after exploring all other alternatives". So also added: "After the other alternatives had failed dismally...". No room for denying that has come to be true about the mindlessly long-being-insisted thus far, sheer paper formalities of the so called external 'attestation' and sworn and attested (external)  'affidavit'.
One has to wait and see how and when the novel diktat is going to be followed, besides for 'departmental' purposes, also for others such as, judicial process / adjudication purposes.




<> The inordinate delay in ushering in the long felt but o/s need , urgency, GST regime, verging on a long drawn but easily avoidable stalemate ought not to be prolonged any longer. The states must realize sooner than later that they have, and owe, an onerous responsibility unto the populace of the Nation as a whole,- the Union of which they individually and collectively constitute an integrated, inseparable part- by fully co-operating with the Centre in every respect, setting aside all differences, mostly imaginary, in making the long-dreamt-of GST regime happen and turned into a reality.      




Budget 2014-15: Don't expect too much
If the Finance Minister can adjust a few deductions with the inflation rate, the consuming class should be reasonably happy Read More » 


The recently aired wishes/hopes, albeit not many, are seen to have been wished away, dictated by individual wisdom of so called experts  at large but to the chagrin of the taxpayers. On the premise that the newly installed FM has, however   been left with two more clear days for making any changes should he so mind, one is tempted to offer following for lending his 'janata' friendly ears to:

The suggestion of EIIT last mentioned, none can disagree, may be worth an earnest consideration. A couple of others, as urged elsewhere, in one's conviction meriting a favorable look at, are these concerning the realty sector:

 (1) The delays in completion and handover of the flats/apartments have led to grave prospects of 'purchasers' failing to satisfy the rigid time limits (1- 3 years) for claiming and being allowed the CGT exemption under the different schemes; albeit for no fault of them. Need crying for attention but yet to be heard is relaxation of  such time limits having regard to the surrounding realities. 

(2) Levy of service tax (15 % ?) on purchase of the property in an ongoing construction, even if under a pure, simple and straightforward 'sale' transaction, should payment be made before the dreaded but invariably not secured by promoters - CC. As is common knowledge, in fact, promoters as a matter of longstanding practice never ever care to procure a CC, even after construction has been completed, that be in a technical or any other sense. The said levy cannot conceivably be regarded fair if tested on the touch stone of profound logic.

The infamous Campa Cola Mumbai case, being the most sensational of all of today's talk of the town, is one instance in which added complications have arisen also because of the concept of 'deemed conveyance' ;which, according to a school of reasoned thought, suffers from the malady of half-baked legislation, without giving due thought and incisive consideration of all its varying facets/ missed practical implications.

Is the FM by any chance tuned for the nonce to the same wavelength as the aggrieved are !



What home buyers want from Jaitley

Here are the budget measures that will make a big difference to home buyers
Delayed hand-over, escalating prices, soaring monthly payments − you know how life has been f... »




Modi backs UIDAI, seeks accelerated DBT rollout

Asks officials to revive the National Identification Authority of India Bill



  The big fat Indian Budget



Times of India ‎- 1 day ago
The government on Thursday showed willingness to integrate the UIDAI (Aadhaar) project with National Pop


Aadhaar, if at all to prove a foolproof system , must be integrated not just with NPR but data based with NBR ; that is, to ensure that the identity proof is issued no sooner than a birth takes place. If one is not mistaken, that is the way the system in place even in small or big but forward thinking countries e.g. Singapore.or US works. Then alone there could be as near complete coverage as possible. That already "at least a large part of the population" has been covered does not seem to be sound or sane reasoning, or bear any courage of conviction; for, as common sense should tell,  it is the rest , however small part that be, could be the cause for worry, for purposes of , besides not simply personal identity, but from the viewpoint of the national security  itself.





 July 2

No room for populism: Jaitley

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday strongly hinted that the upcoming budget wo... »




Introduce 'zero duty' on the import of chemicals to facilitate easy availability and higher import of cheaper feedstock Read More »

It is the earnest belief that, in the larger public interest, the objective of GST being to give a decent burial to the decades old vexing multipoint(-level)of taxation of goods and services, such as inter state sales tax, all types falling under the category of Octroi /entry tax, including 'tolls' in every form, would be fully covered, with no exception.


Read More

Federal spirit of the country has been diluted: Govt

Prez unveils govt's 5-point agenda

Outlines economic growth, inflation control, good governance, better infra and agriculture revival as focus areas



june 24 

PM at infra meet: make Railways the ‘identity of India’; focus on common man
In the context of reality surrounding our modern times, -to be precise, times of crisis of 'identity', one is totally confused about the true import of the message from the revered Head of our nation! In following  the advice to 'identify' the railways, should focus on India  be exclusive of common man , not inclusive anyway.
Is anyone else but with good or better IQ level  (i.e. intelligent perception)  confused likewise ?!

Govt hikes import duty on sugar

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ram Vilas Paswan
To clear cane arrears, sugar mills to get interest-free loans of ₹4,400 crore
The Government today decided to hike the import duty on sugar to 40 per cent from 15 per cent to... »      1 comment

 What a contrast but reversed (ulta pulta ?) ! Read the blogs @google, contrasting the mythological Ram(a) aur Krishna !!
5 Apr 2010 ... In fact, Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shri Krishna are two forms of Lord ..... In the contrast Lord Krishna helped Pandava, Draupadi, Sudama etc who ...
17 Jul 2011 ... Lord Vishnu came to the world as Ram in Ramayana and Krishna in Mahabharata. But like the ... In contrast Lord Krishna was not the same.
23 Jul 2011 ... The Avatar of Ram & Krishna came to earth in different times and under different ... In contrast, Raavan could go anywhere in Arya-Vart. With his ...
Answer 1 of 1: Death of Sri Krishna: After the slaying of Ravana while ... How does one explain the contrast between the characters of Rama and Krishna?
17 May 2013 ... Both Ram and Krishna were Avatars of Vishnu. They were ... How does one explain the contrast between the characters of Rama and Krishna?
8 Dec 2004 ... Krishna Vs Rama (I am a little confused) ... Valmiki's Rama represents idealism and Ved Vyas' Krishna, realism. .... By contrast, I love Rama.
<  "Rama is the ideal man. Krishna is the ideal strategist." >>>>>>>>

Clue @
Men may come and men may go but cronyism goes on forever. When we are running high inflation why is the Govt. raising the price of an essential commodity? And why should the tax payer pay for interest free loans for the sugar mills? Are there not enough laws to force them to pay their small suppliers (farmers)? What a disappointment from the Modi Govt.

Read a Lot More>


Apartments treat sewage. still charged by BWSSB
Currently sanitary charge is being levied even if you let treated sewage to drainage network, and even if the yield of your borewell is low. No charge is levied on you if you use only tanker water. What’s going on?

Eternal Dharma

Our Reflections About Dharma

The Government needs to throw policy paralysis out of the window. Here’s how
For over a decade, Indian governance was at the mercy of compulsions and pressures emanating fro... »



Blow the lid off

The new whistleblowers’ law needs changes
On May 9, President Pranab Mukherjee signed the Whistleblowers Protection Bill, 2011 into an... »


Inherent flaws, if delved into, could be many more:
For instance, the Bill envisages,-
"....  reporting corruption or willful misuse of discretion by public servants, including Ministers." 

Alternating doubts :

Why a public servant should at all be vested with 'discretion ' of any kind?

Why at all the emphasis is on, or the need for qualifying, -'misuse of discretion', with 'willful'; albeit prima facie dubious and unwarranted, -in that has every potential to whittle down or nearly defeat the very underlying objective? 

There is no gainsaying that in the ultimate analysis the power of discretion vested in any public servant itself has been the fertile breeding ground for the evil. For an elaboration, look up, - Discretion: Root cause of Corruption @




Bharat Bhushan: The future shape of the Opposition



Govt mulls common law for all financial-sector regulators


Is it a single window but with multi pigeon holes !



True, it could only be a 'long road', never be otherwise. But, 'full recovery' has, from time immemorial, never been or can never be, except founded on a faulty logic, crooked notion- a figment of wild imagination, mirage, same as an illiterate prattler talking of reaching the horizon! Anyone around with a better or different vision?




President assents to Whistleblowers Protection Bill, 2011


"....  reporting corruption or willful misuse of discretion by public servants, including Ministers." 

Why a public servant should at all be vested with  'discretion ' of any kind?

Why at all the emphasis is on, or the need for qualifying, -'misuse of discretion' with

'willful'; albeit prima facie dubious and unwarranted, -in that has every potential to whittle down or nearly defeat the very underlying objective ?

  <<Discretion: Root cause of Corruption - TaxGuru


As commented:

The ‘discretionary powers’ of any authority – whether he be a statutory or quasi-statutory authority; not to mention others, such as quasi judicial,- is undoubtedly a cause for the ever increasingly felt evil of corruption. 

However, in one’s view, rather it has for long been one’s strong conviction, that cannot be regarded or concluded to be the only cause ; much less as the root cause, for the noted evil.

Going to the very root of the matter, one cannot fail to realise that it is every ‘power’- executive, administrative, or even quasi judicial – which an authority is vested with under any statute or rules or regulations having a statutory force, – is in its own way responsible for the evil perpetrated or being perpetuated all along.

Further, i am of the view that, the other factor or cause for the ever dreaded, rather increasingly threatening evil of corruption – is the ignorance of law – be it genuine or feigned or otherwise.

Reference be made viewpoints summed up in the article –
Ignorance of law – is no excuse, or is it bliss?

May be, as the subject of ‘corruption’, entails public interest,and has been the hottest topic of the day,deserves a deliberation in extenso in enlightened circles, fruitfully by devoted social activists working for the common good.


Bill On whistle blowers
 ref. comment

Jaitley’s Budget promises to usher in big reforms

If care to look at the history of say, 'Octroi' , the one mainly proposed to be subsumed by GST, ridiculed by wise men to be a" levy that has every vice " , dates back to 2000 years, the days of the Roman empire when the world was far less civilized and the value put on time was infinitely lower than it is today. Sir Charles Trevelyan is quoted t have remarked that octroi represents "the remains of a barbarous system of universal taxation". 

< The above is just a glimpse; but for an elaborate critique may be read the published article dating back to 1987 (Book: "We, the Nation THE LOST DECADES ")

  • From a pragmatic point of view, extending deadline for GST  has sadly and regrettably been a recurring event in the recent years, with an anticipated marked regularity, With no ideally wanted co-operation between the union and the states, of course, such repeated postponement of deadline has proved a Hobson's choice. In the larger national interests, however, it is imperative that no pains are spared by both sides to make it a reality; as, otherwise, even a fresh deadline may be fated to remain a 'dead' line to eternity- never coming to life.

 <Retrospective taxation’ needs to go, India Inc tells Govt

Tax row: Vodafone may restart talks with Govt


Big-bang capital market reforms on the cards

The finance ministry is set to push through major reforms in equity and debt markets to be implemented in the next three months. According to the plan, the foreign borrowing norms are to be liberalised and the capital controls imposed by the Reserve Bank of India last year rolled back. The ministry is also considering replacing short-term capital gains tax with a higher securities transaction tax (STT).


Govt likely to continue with Aadhaar: Bankers - The Times of ...

According to a school of thought, -if were to be prudently guided by wisdom open to be gathered from decades old practice, not without substantial success, across the globe e.g in the US, for that matter even in a tiny but model country like Singapore, - the point of major concern is whether or not 'Aadhaar' should be gone ahead with, with all sincerity, to eventually make it a principal/foolproof tool, if not the sole one, for 'personal identity', for varied purposes. The objection against the idea of its implementation such as that the numbers happen to be allotted to 'non-citizens' cannot be a truly sustainable ground , so as to be taken as a major dissuading factor. or insurmountable hurdle. In any view, it is for the competent socio-economic experts at large to take a call and come out with useful guidance to the men in governance.

<Imposing or any attempt at enforcing a multiplicity of 'identity proof' (mainly for name or address) , for any purpose of human activity, - be it economic or other wise- could, for obvious reasons, merely self-defeat ,rather spell disaster to- the purpose or objective behind of the whole exercise. To be noted, the like 'UIN' models already in place and successfully in practice for decades now, such as in the US, for that matter even in the tiny country of Singapore might be prudent to follow and intelligently emulate.