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Sept 22

 Spiritual Thoughts ? Not really !

For anyone of those rarest of rare human beings walking the earth in our times, nonetheless who soulfully cares to, - find time, however small or occasionally  it be, and  more importantly,  sometimes  or at least once in a way, BEING INSPIRED, introspect’-  Find the RECIPE HERE
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Aug 3 ‘14

Sub : Education, knowledge, literate x ill- or semi- - having crossed half the well
Location - school
Time – External Inspection (an annual ritual)

Present – class teacher (ct), pupils (s) – (p), and visiting inspector (VI)
VI enters- all ina chorus, including CT- good morning sir
VI – good morning , all be seated
VI- i hear that you are the best CT in the school, with the best Ps !
Thank you sir
OK, shall i begin, tell me who is the most intelligent of all of your Ps
CT – Oh yes, eyeque (eq)– stand up
VI- eq, tell me i will ask you some short questions, give me your brief answers-
When a ball is thrown upwards, why it comes down to earth
Sir, as there is none to catch it over there
CT you will be interested to know that eq is the leader of our school cricket team
Oh, is that so eq, tell me!
Difference between lightning and lightning bug?
Of course, the two are different sir, May i write on the black board , to demonstrate?
Writes, says- sir one has only one word , unlike the other which has two
Both VI and CT in one voice – wah ! wah !!  how excellent !!!
Do you know that diamond has in its genes coal –to make it simple, it is coal that gets transformed into diamond over the ages , know
NO Sir
Anyway, that is the truth, now tell me, across the road you have a diamond merchant, how will you call him
Of course, a coal merchant
Is that so ! thought you would say, diamond merchant
Sir, think mine is the RIGHT answer* !
Have you heard  of Darwin’s theory - man has in his genes / born out of an ape, Gorilla ?
Yes, Yes , Sir !
Now tell me,  how will you call your CT ?
CT ?????
VI – ExitS,  expressing his unqualified appreciation of  both CT and his P (eq) !!!!

* WHO KNOWS, one day he may happen to jump into the bandwagon already packed with renowned philosophers, so widely acknowledged !!!!! 

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Angrezi hatao | Times of India Blogs

Makes for a really interesting read, soaked in nostalgia; no wonder, even the last generation in order, cannot restrain self at least once in a way, provided gets a patient listener , to talk of and ruminate over those 'good old days' - when to live on earth a real peaceful and happy life was regarded the greatest favor human was blessed with. Musing for a while, in a jugular vein, that bears on its sleeves why none had to even think of much less underline, why- 'citizen matters' . No denying, OLD is gold; but today, with that .valued "G" being conspicuous by its absence.

vswaminathan said...

"Being anxious is the new normal"

As differently said,-
Dr.     ; Why you look so sad, and worried?
Patient  : it is your prescription DR. for me to be relieved of 'worries'.


That was quite effective; with all my worries evaporated !

Then, why..?

Dr. Now my worry is different- , why i am no more worried on anything; a sort of come-what-may disposition!!


 RBI Reforms on Investment Instruments and Pricing

A very fundamental of all fundamental genuine doubts any such reported development of its kind, taking place almost  perennially, on a day-in-day-out basis, likely to arise in anyone's mind is THIS > Why any such idea or attendant step being conceived of and brought about by any authority, requiring to be followed, especially in exercise of its regulatory or semi-regulatory powers, can rightly or virtuously be regarded and named 'REFORM'? In short,  is there not need for allowing at least 'breathing time' between one and the immediately succeeding one , so as to get to know and  apprise, more so, expect to have the first one , firstly to be reached and percolate, secondly but not lastly to yield any result, as desired ?

Pithily stated, the point for an incisive consideration is . - will not , any action resorted to by scrupulously sticking / hanging on to the concept of 'updating' turn out to be meaningless, in that the intended objective might never happen to be accomplished ?


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