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When will we ever learn?

How many times must a man turn his head/ Pretending he just cannot see — Bob Dylan
History repeats itself because we don’t learn from it. The continued and horrifying attacks on Ga... »

How many times must a man turn his head/ Pretending he just cannot see — Bob Dylan 

How many times ...? Obviously Bob Dylan himself could find no answer ! Is it not anyway a paradox that 'stiff necked' per dictionary means "arrogantly obstinate", denoting mental state, whereas if were to mean and refer a physical condition, turning head  is virtually an impossibility, not even wildly can man dream of !!  

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Unkind burden And illogical too jorgen mcleman /

A crude anti-reforms attitude

The Gujarat government’s efforts to squeeze out more royalty from ONGC could impact production and exploration »
TIME for Introspection , Not Retrospection, OR REforms. or Regulations much less super regulatins ?

Reform or regulate- WHOM other than 'self' (Individual or Collective)
Same sort of Realization as Getting To Know what is the underlying/intended message, of the proverbial, - FOR WHOM THE (CHURCH) BELL TOLLS ?

  1. John Donne: Poems Study Guide : "For whom the bell tolls ... › John Donne: PoemsStudy Guide
    ... century by Ernest Hemingway for the title of his novel For Whom the Bell Tolls). ... Donne was Dean of St. Paul's (a very high honor in the Church of England).
  2. PERCHANCE he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it ... church is Catholic, universal, so are all her actions; all that she
    John Donne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  4. For Whom The Bell Tolls: Chapters Eight–Thirteen › ... › For Whom The Bell Tolls
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Live Life life size X As Opposed to KING Or Demon Or Giant size' et al


 Spiritual Thoughts ? Not really !

For anyone of those rarest of rare human beings walking the earth in our times, nonetheless who soulfully cares to, - find time, however small or occasionally  it be, and  more importantly,  sometimes  or at least once in a way, BEING INSPIRED, introspect’-  Find the RECIPE HERE
A Host of Truly thought Provoking Articles, for striving and accomplishing “personal excellence” in its profound sense.And in turn, to give a hand for the betterment of the life on earth for the rest of the humanity !


Commonwealth Games Village flats soon to be auctioned

There are many things which you have said with regard to your vision

< Edited excerpts from Congress MP 's speech on the Budget in the Rajya Sabha, July 23, 2014 in New Delhi

..... But too much of emphasis on real estate may not be very healthy.




Foreign Direct Investment: Trusts as Investment Vehicles

OFFHAND (sharing own thoughts, simply to provoke more on any possible useful lines)

On a first reading, one is tempted to compliment the writer , as a law student in his advanced stage of studies, for the pains taken in embarking on an academic study in a singular way of his own and producing a write-up for the benefit of the lawyers community. The burden of the song is not quite clearly understood. Nonetheless,  the main thrust , as understood (open to correction with an appropriate reasoning , if were considered materially wrong), is seen to be that  for FDI, in order to be assured of protection, 'units', as opposed to 'equity' may prove , in comparison, a better (if not a safer) bet , as a 'trust vehicle'. In the ultimate analysis, however, what ought not to be forgotten is, whatever the law or regulations, be it extant or proposed, the expected fulfillment of trust, even partially, is wholly going to depend upon meeting the criteria, and in turn the attitude and behavior of each and everyone of the homo sapiens, independent of the size of the section of the people,  involving self and thereby becoming a 'vested interest' - in its ideal or other sense.

While on the academic discussion, those really interested may wish and care to look up, among others, a clarification noted to have been lately issued by a 'competent authority' on a connected point (for ready reference- HERE Trust/trustee as a partner in Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPS) - Clarification on TaxGuru (which , as commented, appears to be incomplete and lacking in clarity).
Back to the writer, besides the rest, for a further study, with the hope of more light being thrown on his chosen topic; and if possible, with suggestions for any practical solutions.


related ?

 SEBI: Infrastructure Investments and Portfolio Investments

Foreign Portfolio Investors -
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 On quickly going through, one’s impression is, that the budget proposals are no more than mere ‘suggestions’ (to borrow a word from Palkivala), for long term- in any case not to be mistaken for a policy decision, or ready-made to be gone ahead with straightaway and given a final shape for formulating, structuring and enactment, without a truly mindful and intensive homework.

Again, what the SEBI has come out with mostly pertain to procedural facets, and at best, a programme; not fit enough to be to dubbed as “Regulations” amenable to be gone ahead with. As such, to say that “Now that the tax treatment has been addressed in the Budget 2014” partakes the nature of ‘foreground’: and more or less akin to same wisdom as in putting the cart before the horse.(which means, - doing things the wrong way round or with the wrong emphasis. The idiom is about confusing cause and effect.)

In this context, attention may be invited usefully to the recent column in Business Standard

Own Quick reaction:
The speech of this MP marks a striking departure / change in the thus far been observed in the disposition of the Opposition. One should think that is a change for the better, indicating the probability of the Opposition playing a positive passionate role in bringing about a constructive debate on such matters of intricacies entailing public interest, and thereby ushering in a new chapter in the way of its functioning.

Her push for women empowerment is noteworthy, but observers believe she will need time to come out of Modi's shadow

A privacy law must be passed to protect Indians' data

The focus is on the ease of living and making rather simple the tasks that currently look uphill

< ....has been holding out hope of good governance, there's no clarity yet on how it will all be delivered and within what time frame. But people close to decision-making have said the overall thrust is on simplification of rules and regulations, with the desire to see India among the top countries in quality of life.
As for social indicators, the latest Human Development Index brought out by the United Nations (UN) shows India at the 135th position among 187 countries. This is despite India having a higher gross national income than many. >

 "....has been holding out hope of good governance, there's no clarity yet on how it will all be delivered and within what time frame..."

Cross Refer >


PM launches MyGov portal to enable Govt-citizen discussions

What the PM has reiterated implicitly underlines, very rightly so, the laudable concept ideally inscribed in the preamble to the  Constitution itself- i.e. the  concept of "for the people, of the people" and most importantly, 'by the people"; and the expectation of active, nay proactive, participation by one and all belonging to the nation.

Looking back through the gone-by decades, and reflecting upon the human history, all such ideologies, ideals, requiring to be fitted into any  'public-centric' policy framework, etc.,  though conceived of in some form or other, have miserably been failed to be taken forward. In short, the common behavioral pattern of humans in action- right from ordinary mortals to the high empowered authorities and other functionaries  entrusted with the respective duties and responsibilities, have tragically betrayed the objective behind, to even make a mental note of the one and only principle to be kept in sharp focus; that is, in the wisdom soaked words of a great  renowned visionary of  our times, Palkhivala, integrity personified,  strongly advocated for - Optimism of the WILL as against Optimism ( or Pessimism !) of that dubious thing called INTELLIGENCE (of individuals or a body of them). The success or otherwise of the wishfully listed  slew of steps thought of , seemingly in the only right direction warranted by our times, is going to entirely depend equally on both THE PEOPLE and the new set of people enthroned, unreservedly imbibing that laudable principle, to be translated into action with all the speed on command.

Driven perforce down the memory lane, this marked development

reminds one of what John F Kennedy (US) said, albeit with a 

different stroke.

< Sources Of Evils ( Present Times / An Attempt TO Identify)

Modern Times compulsions-  

Impulsive , mindless, no homework, no guinea pig test, NO

FORESIGHT9 even 'common sense the rarest of rare 

commodities (faculty).. 

size- dimension, parameters, limits, overstretching or 

outstretching beyond tensile strength- no thought given before

introducing for practice 

universal to all human activities you name- law,

implementation, enforcement (Nani said ---)




Changing / Changed Concepts

Dividing Lines / Clear-cut Debarkation

e.g Executive (Govt. ) X Judiciary





Wants X Wonts

Dos X Donts

Personal , private

public-, self- Centric

Yawning Gap 

duty , responsibility, answerablity

time and tide wait for none

personal x impersonal 

Excessive, Possessive

Power X Politician (professional / UNprofessional !)

 Comfort, Convenience, Happiness, Contentment,

Computerization, Modern Technology

UNharnessed , Uncontrolled - not knowing the direction, speed 

to     proceed       - no moderation

Banking, Health (diagonosis)


CTS (scan x chq.)

Banks (ref. Blog on KYC)>

Dealing with bank failure

Burdening banks with raising capital beyond a point will hobble credit growth
The Reserve Bank of India’s move to identify domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs) is a... »      2 comments

Instance of roll-out, and -back

Mobile No. For Tax

Inept management, beyond Control, tsunami or explosion of .....