Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legislation- Hasty, mindless with no adequae frame work , et all, main causa causans FOR >

  1. The Hindu ‎- 20 hours ago
    Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday said the government has identified ... Jain Commission, set up by the Vajpayee government, in its 1998 report to axe them. ... “So there is multi-level work being done to repeal outdated laws,” Mr. Prasad said. ... Kerala PG admission: nativity clause goes ...
    Scavenging after over accumulating...a caution for future, with the wasteful expenditure and colossal loss to the Exchequer; over decades for law making   

    high time a multi-pronged attack on, founded on a multi dimensional  oversight , with wisdom gathered in hindsight from the oft quoted quotes from a astoundingly intelligent legal luminary of our own times 

    Recent - NTT Act of a recent origin struck down as unconstitutional after a prolonged battle (nay, war) of Wits (nay, wanting in )
    broadly classified-  misconceived at the grass root level, failed because of no implementation or enforcement - both by the centre and states, BECOME  OBSOLETE WITH EFFLUX OF TIME OR FOR OTHER REASONS -

    "Updating Construction"

    A Shortie (in a Jugular Vein)

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    Ro'bot Juris

    To share, in case not aware:

    Robot , as an invention of a comparatively recent origin, has evoked considerable interest, not only in world of science, but also  in the realm of jurisprudence as well. Read HERE - 

    And this-

    As of now, that all sounds a mission to fructify/ be accomplished,- though not a fiction, -but yet to take a concrete shape; so much so, the related jurisprudence is still in the evolution / infancy (nascent) stage, Even so, having accorded some serious but awesome thoughts, the novel development makes one sit up and loudly reflect on, what is in store for the future,- of mankind in general, and to the legal fraternity in particular, - may be, several decades ahead.

    Instant wondrous reaction or worrisome concern is, as has always been one’s wont, revolves around  a tricky, rather the most intriguing concept of all.

    In brief, suppose ‘robot’ is to be imagined to take the place of a "servant" in many ways, just as a human,- which has to be believed  it does, then legal issues are bound to arise, the fundamental one being THIS:

    Is the relationship between a robot and its master (owner/possessor) / user, one of a 'contract OF service' or "contract FOR service” within its legal meaning, as interpreted by law (My) Lords?

    It is by sheer but queer coincidence that one happened to be going through the Article:

    If in quest of finding some clue/cue there from, may have to further  read on and see, whether anyone can connect to what Namo is heard to have said years ago, now remembered. That is , - ours as a country has  further degenerated, from a land of  “snake charmers “ as once was,  into,- thanks to the  galloping / on the throttle  Advancement in Technology , (the main operating tool being computerized brain)- , a land of  “mouse charmers”...
    ----HA, HAA,HAAA ! (to echo the reaction of the crowd reported ) @

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    An Indian rockstar at Madison Square

    Modi mania Wildly winning friends and influencing people Prime Minister Narendra Modi took Manhattan by storm with a mega show on Sunday comprising laser... »

    "......some new area in which you can specialise."

    Of course; WHY NO(TTTT) ?


    Robot jurisprudence: How to judge a 'bot; why it's covered ...

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