Wednesday, December 31, 2014

RESOURCES COrner - for THINKERS only - Contd.

One Person Co. - an odd new concept !

Jan 4

Fiscal consolidation: ‘Govt will not resort to massive expenditure cuts’

In an increasingly confronting globalized economy, our nation’s new policy makers in power cannot think of any improvement in any vital sector, not barring banking, unless fittingly tuned to the global thinking.

So far as can be readily seen, there appears to be nothing worth a mention, said by the minister clearly and fruitfully indicating the direction or route which his government has decided to take. History is ‘history’, and it is inconceivable that it could be, as impudently proclaimed by some, ‘rewritten’.  Only feasible step open to we, the mortals , if so considered prudent from all angles, is to strive and aim at ensuring that  history does not repeat itself. 

Looking around, may be, for guidance valuable clues are noted to be available in external  but not alien sources; for instance Here European Central Bank's Chief Economist: Beware the Rise of Populism by Andrea Germanos; and Here ECB's website.

Jan 2

Your Taxes

When the regulatory apparatus falls flat