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RK Laxman: A most uncommon chronicler of the common man
RK Laxman: A most uncommon chronicler of the common man · The man who managed to look sunny day in and day out through six decades and over 30,000 cartoons stayed away...
The Best Tribute To The 'uncommon' Creator > The inset caricature , with common man, in company of a common bird,

Laxman immortalised the passive, hapless common man


Voice of the voiceless, legendary cartoonist RK Laxman signs off »

Eminent cartoonist RK Laxman, 94, passed away on Monday evening in a Pune hospital.

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    Saturday, January 24, 2015



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    jan 25

    Brevity and all that

    Looking Back

    <  To Relate in retrospect

    XTRACTS (mails in spl. folder)

    Suresh replied to your comment (4)

    Vuukle V.Suresh just replied to your comment! V.Suresh wrote: "Your post reminds me of the adage: "Brevity is the Soul of Wit".". To reply back to V.Suresh, please click the following Link. Sent from Vuukle
    28 Nov 2014
    me OFFHAND > Your abrupt and cryptic response, in an attempt to justify your own action - founded on your own , in my perception, immature reasoning, -reminds me of what i wrote in my own style, in one o
    To the hindu
    29 Nov 2014
    To finish:
    Find attached the selected portion from the Taxman Article.
    As implied in the cited 'adage' (-brevity is the soul of WIT)itself, 'brevity' can be sanely, safely and prudently resorted to, provided the one or more for whom i.e the readers, the message (comment) is intended, is endowed with a normally expected 'IQ' and /or 'EQ' level. In the nature of things, therefore, as common sense/knowledge dictates, that cannot be taken for granted ever/always; hence the need felt to dilate.
    Now, hoping to have said all at least for the present, fervently look forward a desirable change for better, in the faulted function of 'moderation', in place, at your end.

    On Friday, 28 November 2014 8:14 PM, V Swaminathan <> wrote:

    Your abrupt and cryptic response, in an attempt to justify your own action - founded on your own , in my perception, immature reasoning, -reminds me of what i wrote in my own style, in one of my articles*, as a professional, published in Taxman journal years ago. i was then reacting to the instance when the itat , perhaps motivated by the same belief you seem to entertain, abridged drastically the question of law sought to be , and referred it to the HC, thereby rendering it too vague to be understood by the court, so as to elicit a well considered judicial opinion . Had it done differently, as viewed by me, the court would possibly have been obliged to hand down just a contrary opinion and in proper light.

    Going by memory for the nonce, my reaction was, - no doubt to be brief may be generally advisable; but not in all situations. Anyway, that is not to be rightly taken as a ‘virtue’ to always prudently stick to; as to be brief , so brief as a woman’s bathing suit , may not be helpful but might do harm in  a given situation.
    In a lighter vein, but to underline my line of reasoning, find below a comment, not verbatim, posted on your Tamil edition once:
    < இது ஒரு பஞ்ச் டயலாக், ரஜனி சார் ஸ்டைல் >
    நான் ஒரு தபா சொன்னா நூறு தபா சொன்னா மாதிரி !
    அப்படியா தலைவரே ; ஒரே ஒரு சம்சயம் !
    என்னாது இன்றேன் !
    ஒன்னுமிலேநம்ம மக்கள்லே  ரொம்ப பேரு நூறு தபா சொன்னாலும்  ஒரு தபா கூட  விளங்க மாட்டேங்குதே . அதுக்கு என்ன சொல்றீகே ?!
    For knowing the very honest purpose behind my persistent interaction with you people, against all odds -through comments on your columns / articles,- let me make a clean breast of it to you shortly, but after i have  had time to relieve myself of the monotony the instant experience has obliged me to face.
    Turning to your honorable Ombudsman, let him try and see whether he could have desirably  applied his own mind to the given situation and conveyed to me what he personally feels on my point of objection, also done what i earnestly expected from him;  instead of simply forwarding my rejoinder to the same person against whom i had a grievance.
    Wish/suggest both of you to read what others have said and you have accepted and displayed wrt the same write-up- and, to review what brevity you found therein to meet your personal liking.
    Last but not least, you ought not forget, you are not my tutor or mentor; and you are not paid by your master to keep dictating / teaching to the Readers to write the way you think they should write. For, at the end of the day, a comment such as mine IS A COMMENT, for sharing own thoughts WITH THE OTHER READERS, and in own independent way; nothing more. And, offered gratuitously, FOR NO SOLATIUM.

    NOTE: No attempt made to edit foregoing, as this is not a thesis or a professional article.

    Enough IS Enough For me; and for the DAY.

    Hope my reaction is taken in the right spirit as expected.


    [2006]156 TAXMAN 121 (ART)

    Illegal Business - Can it be of a tax advantage!

    The Shakespearean quotation that says brevity is the soul of wit, stirs doubts in our minds. To begin with, if it is accepted, then what are all those adjectives and adverbs for? If stories, for instance, are made or stated briefly, then where are the literary niceties?