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Are Chartered Accountants Really Independent?

An independently read , and objectively viewed,  the valuable golden thread, nay two of it,passed through the fabric of the entire length of the write-up  cannot be prudently over sighted; or bypassed without offending one's own inner conscience.


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State (s) Law on Apartments; Proposed PIL


Real estate has done extremely well pan-India, but this performance may not continue

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Is real estate in a slow-motion crash?
Data from property websites suggests a deep slowdown in large cities. Even rental yields to rise from 2% to 4%, prices will go down 50%! argues Ambit Research
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Posted: 15 Jul 2015 10:58 PM PDT
By Accommodation Times News Services Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is going to conduct a survey and prepare a status report on the list of builders given Floor Space Index (FSI) for constructing parking lots and amount of parking lots build by them in the city. State Urban Development Minister Ranjit Patil has ordered the probe and […]



In the case of FAQs, the following questions may also be added:
a) Builder says I have sold terrace spaces being the permanent  right to use, is it ok?( As per the latest judgement of the Mumbai High court it is illegal to sell terrace spaces)
b) the builder says I own the play ground privately(although it is the common area) and will not allow residents to utilize the same by barricading and putting up a caution board, is it OK?
Regarding the UDS the KAOA formula should be applied  as there is no chance of manipulation by the builders.


To begin with, I have collected all actionable proposals from the other thread, and put my comments against each. The resultant Google Doc is shared here.

I apologize if any of your ideas are not captured. Please feel free to add them

Please add a column to put your comments (just as I did); please do NOT delete or amend the original text.


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vide mails sent (folder MSS and aother)

Copy of judgment, etc., sent >

Court on its own Motion
Commissioner of Income-tax
WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) Nos. 2659 & 5443 of 2012

WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) Nos. 2659 & 5443 of 2012
Date of pronouncement: 14.03.2013
Sanjiv Khanna, J. – Whether computerisation and Central Processing of Income Tax Returns is a boon or bane is rather sample to answer, as benefits of computerisation easily outweigh and out score any argument to the contrary. Computerization does away with human or manual element and the frailties attached and ensures transparency besides being quick and fool proof. Alas, it is a human element and frailties which have resulted in the present Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which was initiated pursuant to the letter dated 30th April, 2012 written by Anand Prakash, F.C.A. Chartered Accountant.    The said letter was treated as PIL and marked to this Court. Subsequently, All India Federation for Tax Practitioner filed the second writ petition on identical or similar lines. For the sake of convenience, we reproduce the letter dated 30th April, 2012 in verbatim: