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Aug 2

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Just when companies have started to settle down with the revised framework, the master circular issued by RBI on 1 July 2015 has confused them again

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There could always conceivably be a different perception, varying from individual to individual, in viewing and deciding as to whether a given thing or a situation, is important or otherwise, relate-able entirely to the vexing human trait to ‘put off’ for time being , and as far as possible, resulting in procrastination, leading to the ultimate inevitable ‘crisis’ situation’.  Again, that need not necessarily be a decision having a sheer ‘financial’ implication, or because of being scared of tedious ‘paper work’, as implied.  Should there be the ‘WILL’ to do, certainly there IS a WAY.  And individual’s ‘will’ to do anything, without the least delay, - by any standard, thereby sensibly  avoiding  ‘inordinate’ delay- more so, in as efficient a manner as reasonably expected of / duty (‘karma’) bound, should most obviously go to help and contribute to oneself  living-, and, in turn, letting related or connected others, remotely or otherwise, live, -life on earth , in blissful ease, as well.

As a great visionary and humanitarian, par excellence, of our own times, said (to the effect), the root cause of the dreaded ‘procrastination’ ,- to the point of creating a crisis or near crisis situation of any and every kind, for self, thereby driving anyone or more amongst the rest of the society at large as well, - is the undeniable fallacy in not believing , obstinately and crookedly  so, in the ideal principle or outlook on life must be optimism of the ‘WILL’ (< the power, the nature has endowed, hence to reckon with), in lieu of the widely prevailing optimism of  that  invisible , often imaginary and self deceiving ,  ‘intelligence’.

Over to truly concerned, even if  be in minority, not barring self-proclaimed /professed humanitarians , psychologists, so on, to inspire  giving  further thoughts in a like vein, devotedly aiming at finding an effective solution for betterment of life ,for the time being, not to eternity though !

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 KEY note:

Merry-go-round , a known pastime, is the most favorite of the most, nay with seldom exception, not infants alone- merrily going round and round and round >>>>>>> as nowhere to go or reach, unless and until the 'life-line' is cut off at the will and pleasure of the OMNIPOTENT (?!)

Alternatives (also favored) by WE the MOrtals - the sport of 'passing the buck', or like; for (undefinable concept of,)-  'the time being' !  

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